VPC5 Round 4: Sell Out

(VPC 4 Round 4)

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Challenge Description:

Overall Theme:
Sell Out
Finally, the time has come…
You got the call.
You heard the voice mail.
You’ve made it, and all that hard work is about to pay off.
For this round, your team has been approached by Suge Beaks and he is ready to sign you and cut an album – BUT – he has conditions.
...There’s always conditions.
In order to invest in you, you have to provide a return on that investment. Touring, merch – all that comes later… Right now we need a radio ready single and a product endorsement to get us in the door. Think you have what it takes to market yourself to the big leagues? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to make it and claim your spot on the main stage? ...are you ready to sell out?



I Have No Idea

It's a Hit in the Meta


Store Brand Lube

Maybe Next Week

Most Of My Love

Pencil Automatons


Penzel Washington & Danny DeBeato

Shades On

Pretty, Good

Bear Mace

The CamoKrunkulator