VPC5 Round 3: Fandom At It's Finest

(VPC 3 Round 1)

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Challenge Description:

Overall Theme: Fandom at its Finest
Fandom is a strong part of nerdcore hip hop. We all have our favorite movies, book series, comics, video games, etc. As such, this round will be about that very fandom. This challenge will involve you all playing in your favorite sandboxes. Enjoy.

Clutch City Chaos

Show Me What You Got

Fandom: Rick & Morty


All Dogs Go To Heaven (On Saturday)

Fandom: Welcome To Night Vale

Dayton B & Obvious Lee

Check My Resume

Fandom: Batman

I Have No Idea


Fandom: Dragonball Z


Log Date

Fandom: Steven Universe

Maybe Next Week

Black to the Future

Fandom: Back to the Future

Pencil Automatons

The Offer

Fandom: Seven to Eternity

Penzel Washington & Danny DeBeato

The Luther

Fandom: The Boondocks

Pretty, Good

By a Thread

Fandom: Kill La Kill


Fantastic Energies

Fandom: Fantastic Four


Deadpool Kills the VPC! (Chimichangas)

Fandom: Deadpool



Fandom: Parasyte: The Maximum